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Maulik Slides

Maulik Stainless Reso Slide

Maulik Stainless Reso Slide

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Next batch should be available for purchase Mid-August 2022.

I never found a slide that had the exact feel I was looking for. All of the slides available were either too long, too short, too cramped, or just felt wrong in my hand.

I set about creating my design and after six years of testing various shapes, I settled on a design that was exactly what I was looking for in a slide. Durable, not too long, not too short, and still has plenty of room for your hand. I am confident that I have made a slide that will last a lifetime. There is no plating to wear off, no adhesive to dry out, and just enough texture that the slide won't fly out of a sweaty hand.

I utilized state-of-the-art CNC machining and tried and true hand polishing to ensure the best mix of high precision and craftsmanship. Every Maulik Slide is proudly made in the United States.


  • Overall length - 2 7/8" / ~73.8mm
  • Width - .84"
  • Average Weight 5.40 OZ
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