Our Story

Bluegrass Gear, LLC is a small, family-run operation owned by Marta and David Maulik.

Marta is the daughter of Bobby Poff, the designer and creator of Poff Straps. Coming from a musical family, she started playing music at the age of five, taking piano lessons from her paternal grandmother. She began playing bass out of necessity at the age of twelve when her dad's duo was looking to expand to a trio. When she was thirteen her grandpa showed her his 1937 Gibson F4 mandolin (which would later come to be known as Gus) and said she could have it if she learned to play it. By the next day she had learned "Arkansas Traveler," and has been playing ever since. Marta is one of the leather workers behind Poff Straps, where she applies her love of music to creating beautiful, handmade instrument accessories.

David has always loved music and built his first musical instrument, a mountain dulcimer, when he was about fourteen. Since hen he has built several other projects, including a "level guitar" (a stringed instrument made out of a construction level that is amplified by transmitting to a radio), a fish lute (as you might imagine, a fish-shaped lute), several electric guitars, several more dulcimers, and at least two mandolins. He is the designer of Maulik Slides, one of the quality brands sold through Bluegrass Gear, LLC. David is also the director of the local makerspace, Maker Space 307, where he can nerd about to his nerdy heart's content.

Marta and David make their home in Riverton, Wyoming. They have two children, too many dogs (three), and live surrounded by much of their family.